The UK rail industry is critical to the country’s economy.  More goods and freight than ever are being moved by train, a trend that is expected to continue with an estimated 19% increase in freight activity by 2019.  Passenger journeys are also on the rise; in 2012 alone, 1.5 billion passengers on an average of 24,000 trains a day travelled the more than 20,000 miles of track on the UK rail network.

Currently the UK rail network is part electrified and part electric traction (locomotive and multiple units).  The electrification of the rail systems using overhead lines (AC current) and third rail (DC current) technologies allows trains to be more reliable, accelerate quicker, and causes less track wear than diesel trains.

It is vital that the rail network can support both this increasing traffic demand as well as the creation of a higher percentage of electrified lines whilst integrating new rail technology growth, which is where industry leaders Jointing Technologies excel.

Langley Engineering provides technical support and advice on rail electrification projects. Specialising in the supply of MV separable connectors, innercone terminations and associated joints and terminations.

Only PADS approved products are allowed to be used on the rail network. Working exclusively with only market leading manufacturers; Eaton Cooper Ltd, Pfisterer Ltd and 3M Ltd Langley Engineering are able to offer outstanding solutions to the high standards demanded on the railways.

PADS Approved products include:

  • 700 Series Tee Boot Separable Connectors (Suitable for both Cu & Ali bushings)
  • 600 Series Tee Boot Separable Connectors (Suitable for both Cu & Ali bushings)
  • 3M Cold shrink Medium Voltage Joints
  • 3M Cold shrink Medium Voltage Termination
  • 3M LV Resin Joints
  • Pfisterer Ltd Medium Voltage Inner Cone Terminations

In addition to delivering a specialist range of PADS approved products. Langley Engineering carries a multi-million pound inventory of Medium Voltage Separable Connectors and Inner Cone Terminations.


3M Cargill FR3 product Cembre Comem Cooper Mid-Central Electric Inc.
Pfisterer Speed Systems
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